Yesterday’s happenings ヾ(・◇・)ノ

Good morning everyone!

This blog post was supposed to be for yesterday’s happenings.

Sorry I fell asleep (シ_ _)シ.

Anyway, last November 16 we started loading the 5-chambered Kiln until yesterday (November 17).

The other student and I finished loading the 4th chamber which contains all the glazed works while the other chambers are for yakishime.


Here’s some of the works loaded in the 5-chamber kiln. This is Noro-san’s chopstick rest and mini flower vase.

Yesterday I started working at the 3rd Studio. My tasks are to look after Kamamoto’s work, maintain the order and cleanliness of the studio also some other things.


Kamamoto’s bowl for ochazuke.


Here’ Akimoto-san flashing a peace sign while I take photos of her cups.



Yesterday, Kyotaka-san started firing the 5-chamber kiln!

If you guys want to see the firing in action you can visit Kanayama! It is on going until the 22.

Also if you guys want to see how we put charcoal in the chambers you can catch it on November 19 and November 20!

DSC08952 DSC08953 DSC08954


On the other hand I am currently working on the Kappa Onsen’s order.

DSC08939 DSC08938 DSC08942 DSC08949 DSC08951

11 more to go. ヾ(´。••。`)ノ

That’s it! I hope to see you guys here in Kanayama!

We are also serving hot coffee with cookies!


Until next time~ (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))